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Last week I posted I was 156. Starting yesterday, I now weigh, 152 lbs! I keep losing weight and I’m happy that I am. I have eaten salad for lunch this week, except for today, I had some crackers and a banana smoothie. I still don’t know if having a smoothie for lunch is better than having a salad. Anyway, my goal of 148 is in reach, and if I keep doing what I’ve been doing, I’d lose 4lbs easy! I don’t really feel hungry anymore like I used to… I am craving for some soda though! lol I can’t wait for July 4th, after the weigh in, I will drink either my two fav pops, dr pepper or vanilla coke… mmmm…

I still haven’t tried to do my 1 mile run on treadmill yet, although I have been running. I also have been doing some abs exercises coz, truthfully, I don’t want to lose any more weight except for my tummy fats. I don’t like my belly especially my love handles (who doesn’t?), so I’ve been focusing more on my abs. I’ve seen some abs exercises sitting down and standing up that I really like coz sit-ups strain my neck and my back. I do have some lower back problems before that’s why (which I think is from weight gain).

I’ve heard that a couple of guys are actually trying to lose weight. No worries, I got this! =)

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exercise goal

I should have done this earlier before I started using my treadmill. I want to record my progress so that I can set up a goal. Setting up a goal is very important for me to keep me motivated. I’d like to keep track of my performance to achieve my goal and to keep me focused. It’s tempting to sometimes just slack off like I’ve done in the past but doing this will remind me that I have a goal that I need to accomplish.

Now my goal is 148lbs. or less would be better! =)
I have until July 3rd to achieve this goal.
The last time i have used the treadmill I had a record of:
1 mile = 9 mins 45 secs = 150 cals
(total workout: 35 mins, 3 miles, 375 cals)
A month before I remember I did 12 mins in a mile (although I can’t remember how much calories I burnt.)

You might be asking now why number 148? It’s because all weighing scale is different. The scale in my house says I am 156 but when we took Aiden to the doctor monday, I weighed myself and it says 158. So I’d like to lose at least 2olbs for this Biggest Loser Challenge.
Hope I can do it!

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The Biggest Loser Update

Well, good news and bad news. The good news is, I am 1 or 2 lbs shy of my goal, which is 155lbs. I’ve been weighing myself this week and 156 and 157 are the two numbers that show up on the scale. Still proud that I still am soda-less and rice-less for about 3 months now. The bad news, the other guys on the competition decided to extend the contest for another month. Since none of them weren’t really doing anything, they are like, “let’s add another month”. I was really furious when one of them told me about the extension and I’d feel like I’d be a party pooper if I complained. So I just look at it this way, I’ve lost at least 12-13lbs and they’re all just starting. One month is not going to do anything really so I just let it be. Although they have more weight to lose since I’m the lightest of the bunch, there should be no way that they’d lose 10lbs in a month because it’s hard. It’s possible but they’d really be not doing anything else but exercise 5 days a week. Shoot I exercise every other day and I’ve only lost that much and that’s with eating healthy. Having said that, my new goal is now 150. Hope I can do it…

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Aiden’s Bday Celebration

Saturday, May 14th, 2011 was the celebration of our baby Aiden’s 1st Birthday. We were hoping for a good weather but instead, we had showers of rain all throughout the day. Other than that, the celebration was a pretty much a success. On behalf of my wife Alou, we would like to thank our great friend Nini for coming early that day to help us prepare and to the Velasquezes, Oscar, Grewlyn and Emily for coming early bringing the cakes and helping us with the last minute preparation as well. Alou did most of the cooking and here are the some of the pics:

Will post the other pics later!

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there most especially to my Mom, my sister, and to my lovely wife Alou. To all my friends that are moms, enjoy this special day! Take this day to understand just how much you are appreciated, and indulge yourself. This is YOUR day!

As for me and Alou, this is the first we’re celebrating this special occasion and I must say that it has been a wonderful day, except the fact that she has to work in the afternoon. We went to Longhorn Steakhouse for lunch and I’ve bought some flowers online. I then surprised her at work when me and Aiden came to eat dinner with more flowers and a balloon that says, “Best Mom Hands Down”. She was totally surprised and I’m glad I made her happy!

Baby, I love you so much! Thanks for everything you’ve done for me, Aiden and Popoy. You truly are the best! mmmmmwahhhh!!!

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The Biggest Loser

Everybody knows the show right? Well, the lab where I work is holding their version of The Biggest Loser. We weigh in on June 3rd and the more weight you lose in the span of about 3 months, you win the money pot. I am against 5 more guys (because the girls have their own thing) and we pay 50 bucks each. I’m not really in it for the money, I just want to lose some weight. I’ve been trying to lose some weight for some time now but I just don’t have the determination to do it. If I win, that’s great but if I don’t, and lost weight, then I would be a winner myself. To help me with the process, my wife bought me a treadmill, well she bought that for me before the competition anyway. I’ve been trying to use the treadmill for about a week now, and I’ve also been cutting on eating rice. You all know we Filipinos eat rice at least 2x a day! lol And I’ve been cutting down on soda. So I haven’t eaten rice and drank a soda for two weeks now. I also been doing some sit-ups, recommended by a martial artist, Mr Jim. =)
Hopefully I’d get to maintain my diet, or better yet, improve it. I’d like my 171lbs to go down to at least 155. Now that I don’t have much time for tennis, hopefully I’d keep this up. Wish me luck!

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Aiden’s Progress

Aiden’s been a good boy. He doesn’t fuss a lot and he’s been a joy to us. And every 26th of the month, we celebrate his monthly bday… lol
It’s been fun watching him finally hold his own head up, rolling over, crawling, using toys and things to stand up, then standing up on his own, and feeding himself with the baby puffs. He hasn’t taken his first steps yet but I have a feeling it’ll be pretty soon. He’s almost 11 months, 10 months and 2 weeks to be exact and we can’t wait for him to be walking. He’s very fond of Popoy and they always play and bully each other. If we let Aiden crawl on the floor, Popoy licks him all over. But when Aiden is on the walker, he traps Popoy and corners him in the kitchen. Lol
Here are some of Aiden’s pics:
From 2 months to 9 months

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Aiden is 1 month!

Check out Aiden’s pics when he was 1 month old! We take Aiden’s pics almost everyday and it’s been wonderful how he becomes more and more lookin’ like me! lol
Well, that’s what other people say but I say he looks more like Alona… =)

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Romulo Aiden Co Malacas III

Sorry for the long absence of posting – many things have happened of course and lots of stories to tell and now that  I’m back, I intend to keep this up.  The most incomparable experience is when my baby was born on May 26th, 2010.  We named him Romulo Aiden Co Malacas III, named after my father.  He is so adorable and taking care of him is the best feeling in the whole wide world.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s tough and it’s quite exhausting having to do everything, just me and my wife Alona for the first two weeks, and was by far the hardest job in the world.  We were worried about every little thing.  But no matter how tough it felt at the time, somehow we managed to push through it.  Just to see Aiden smile was all worth it… and luckily, Alona’s parents came and stayed with us for 6 months!

Romulo Aiden Co Malacas IIIRomulo Aiden Co Malacas IIIRomulo Aiden Co Malacas III


Romulo Aiden Co Malacas IIIRomulo Aiden Co Malacas IIIRomulo Aiden Co Malacas III

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It’s been a while…

So it’s been a while since I’ve written here on my blog.  You know, the usual, busy with work, dealing with stuff but I will try my best to update my blog more often.  Last time I was here was on Father’s Day of last year, and there’s a bunch of things that went on before and after, so here it goes…

First, we moved to a new and safer place. After months of trying to have a baby, my wife and I have decided to move out from the city life to an urban life. It’s not where the farms are, but it’s far from the noisy neighbors, far from the sounds of the ambulance or police cars, and far from all the stress the city offers. The only downside of us moving is now we have to travel 15-20 minutes to go to work, as oppose to a 3-minute walk.

Anyway, the house has 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and is near the shipping mall, near the main highways and has a great neighborhood. We have a big yard, so Popoy is can run around like crazy.

Here are some pics of the yard…

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