Myrtle Beach Vacation 2012

Just came from Myrtle Beach last week and it was fun.  We did a lot of swimming of course, went to a waterpark, museum, aquarium, we did parasailing, banana boat rides, and helicopter ride! We had the ocean view of the beach, outside our room is the outdoor pool and few steps from the indoor pool, few more steps to the beach, easy access of the gym, and parking.  Would love to go back again next year! Here are some photos!


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back at it…

Since December of last year til the end of Apil of this year, I have gained some weight, from 148 to 160. So I’ve decided that I would not let myself go back to 170+ again!

So I’ve decided to use to aid me with my weight loss program.  If you’ve noticed in the homepage, I have placed a counter on the top-right side of the page.  I have lost 12 lbs so far, meaning I’m back to my original weight of 148!  With, I have tracked the amount of calories of the foods I eat everyday.  I have set up a goal, and with this, has given me a limit of calories that I need to eat everyday in order for me to achieve my goal.  My case, I only have 1460 calories per day.  I usually try to use only 1000 a day, and if I do some kind of cardiovascular exercise, it adds more calories that I can consume. So if you want to lose some weight, works for me.  Try it!

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what’s going on


it’s been a few months since i’ve posted here. Lots of things happened with life, work, family etc.
I’ve finally cut my hair, thought i needed some change. I’ve gained a few pounds after the Big Looser Challenge that ended in July. I was 148 and after six months, I am now 155 which is not bad, averaging about a pound a month. lol
I haven’t used my treadmill for 2 months now, haven’t touched my weights for about a month and a half, no tennis whatsoever for about 3 months now and I’ve been eating rice and been drinking soda so yeah, gaining weight is bound to happen. haha I don’t have time for all that, and I need to focus more with family especially with Aiden.
Aiden is now going on 20 months and he’s actually pretty tall for his age (hopefully he gets taller than me and alou! =P )
We’ve signed him up for swimming since he loves water and myGym classes every Saturday so he got some activities to do.
I’ll update more about Aiden later…

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happy bday Dad!

The 10th was my Dad’s birthday. He would have been 67.
Hope you can see Aiden growing up so fast. You would have had a lot of fun with him.
I wanted you to know that the other night, I always think of you as I sang in the karaoke — I know that you are singing with me like we always did. While I miss you terribly, I know you are still with me. I write this blog through tears of pain and sorrow, but also through tears of love and hope. I will always love you Dad, and that love will keep you alive in my heart.

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so called Friends…

Everyone deserves a good bunch of great friends. You know the ones that don’t compete with you, don’t covet what you have, they give you attention when you need it and always there for you.

The thing about friends is that unlike family, we choose who we become friends with, and the truth to the matter is that good friends are actually hard to come by. That’s why when we have good friends it’s important that we treat them with compassion, respect and the love that they deserve. Friendships are a two-way street – you give some and you receive some in return.

Ever so often, we have to lose our friends, and it’s actually a very healthy and natural process to lose people as you acquire others, and as you outgrow each other. The best friend you used to hang out with in high school and college may not be the friend you need as you get your first job, get married, or become a parent. Along the way I’ve lost my fair share of friends, and some have lost me…

I am writing this because I have lost a couple of good friends of mine recently. One I’ve known since high school, whom I treat as a brother (let’s call him F and his wife B), and one gal since college (let’s call her V). I thought these friends of mine would be one of my forever friends but turns out they aren’t. I still have hope with V, but F & B, I am not so sure anymore. Too bad coz F is like a family to me already, and B is a good friend but a “seasonal friend” and causes drama. She had already stabbed my wife in the back before so I’m not really surprised but V I’m so disappointed with. All of a sudden they act like we do not exist anymore, like they don’t care, for whatever reason.

I guess it is normal for friendships to come to an end, even long ones. I don’t know if things will ever be the same again…

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yet another new goal

After the weight loss challenge, I’ve maintained my weight on the 148-152 range. I still run and exercise, still eat salad on lunchtime most of the time, and I still eat less, well, most of the time. lol
I drink soda one time a week, and I’ve eaten rice one time for four months, and yes, I felt guilty! But you know what, it’s ok, since I workout almost everyday. I alternate my days with running and using my bow flex. But even with this regular workout routine that I do, I still feel that I can lose more weight. Now that I’ve cut a portion of my tummy, I think I can still cut some more. I’d like to lose ten more pounds. I am 150, so I’d like to see my weight to be 140 lbs. I’d like to be on that weight by the end of August, and I think I can do it, but imo, this would be harder than before. I’m giving myself about 5 weeks to lose 10 lbs. I wanna be looking like this by the end of August!


I had a great workout yesterday. I used my treadmill and I had a total workout of:
45 minutes = 3.3 miles = 460 cals burnt

Well, wish me luck. I hope I can do it…again!

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new record

So I worked out yesterday and today. Yesterday, I beat my 1 mile record! My old record was 9 mins and 45 secs, yesterday i did it in 9 mins and 22 secs, burning 149 cals. My total workout was:
2.3 miles = 25 minutes = 330 cals

I don’t need to lose weight anymore but I have gotten low as 147, then 4th of July came and I have gotten back to 153. lol So easy to gain weight I tell ya!
However, I did my workout today and I even did better on my 1 mile run. I beat my record yesterday, and did 8 mins and 36 secs, with a total workout of:
2.6 miles = 25 mins = 381 cals
And today I weighed in as 150. I will try to keep my weight on the 150 range, hopefully no more than 155 and no less than 145.

I’m glad that I’m still keeping up with my exercise. I promised myself that I would do this on a regular basis. I have tried using my exercise machine a couple of times now and since I’m just starting, I’m taking it easy on the weights. Hopefully I’d keep that up too. =)

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Happy 4th of July!

I know it’s a ‘lil late, but I was busy that day. Had a small cookout, invited a couple of friends and that’s it. Had some burgers, steak, pork bbq, kielbasa sausage, pork & beans, watermelon and chips. And since I don’t need to lose more weight, I had myself 3 sodas that day. I had me some vanilla coke, sierra mist and pepsi, and they all tasted great! lol Even though we had a lot of food, I really didn’t get to eat much. I had one burger for lunch and one burger for dinner. I was just really thirsty for some reason. I also drank 3 water bottles and a couple of yoohoos.

Anyway, we bought a “quick set” pool measuring 16ft x 42in, and let me tell ya, it was not as “easy as 1-2-3” like it says in the box. I laid it down on the ground and when you put water in it, it was suppose to rise up by itself, instead, it rose by a foot and stayed there. After a couple of hours of fixing the pool, finally got to rise up about 2 and we started jumping in. We put Aiden first and he loved it! He was walking and was trying to grab his toys and having fun. He was in there for at least an hour!

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yesterday’s workout

I did treadmill yesterday with 6.0 as a speed and did my 1-mile run. It was for 10 mins and 10 secs burning 160 cals. I didn’t quite beat my record but I used a slightly different speed on that one. Anyway, I had my total workout running 3.5 miles, 50 mins, burning 540 cals. I weighed myself today and it’s 148! We decided to make the weigh in today instead of July 3rd because that’s a Sunday and everybody won’t be present that day. I didn’t want to prolong it again after July 4th because, I really want to eat on that day! lol

Unfortunately, the lady who holds the weighing scale today was not at work. All of them actually lost already except for Jason. Jason told me that I already won, coz he only lost like 8lbs., but that was last week. I know he was was working out pretty hard this week but I told him even if he lost 25 lbs, he’d still lose. I weighed in as 171.6, and now I am 148, according to the percentage weight loss calculator, I’ve lost 13.75% of my weight. Jason weighed in as 204lbs, so he needs to be 175lbs, a loss of 29lbs, to beat me. So there you go…But tonight we’ll have poker, he’s coming over and he’s just wondering how much weight he lost. So I guess I can say that I am officially the Biggest Loser!

So I’ve reached my goal of 148lbs. Now what? lol
I still feel a lil chubby on my tummy… I’ve been running for the past 3 weeks I have been abandoning my abs exercises…It is now time to focus on my abs.. I will also be lifting weights more, build more muscles…maybe I will alternate my workout…one day run, one day weights, one day abs…hmmm, sounds like a plan!

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Happy Father’s Day!

This year’s Father’s Day is my second! I’m glad and proud to be a father, the hardest job, next to being a mom =), in the world! lol

I had a great dad who was always been a great example of the type of man I would want to be. He worked so hard to provide for our family with two jobs or sometimes three, but also made sure to make the time to spend with us too. Raising the three of us kids couldn’t have been easy, but I believe he did a wonderful job! I learned so much from him growing up!

Dad, we love you so much and we miss you so much. Wish you could have been here physically to see Aiden, how wonderful, smart and playful he is. You’d have fun playing with him! =) Happy Father’s Day Dad!

and to all the Dads out there, have fun on this day!

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