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The Biggest Loser

Everybody knows the show right? Well, the lab where I work is holding their version of The Biggest Loser. We weigh in on June 3rd and the more weight you lose in the span of about 3 months, you win … Continue reading

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Aiden’s Progress

Aiden’s been a good boy. He doesn’t fuss a lot and he’s been a joy to us. And every 26th of the month, we celebrate his monthly bday… lol It’s been fun watching him finally hold his own head up, … Continue reading

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Oscar Velasquez

Last month, we celebrated Oscar’s birthday by doing the Baltimore Spirit Cruise. It was an hour and a half cruise of fun, good food, and good music. Definitely a good way to just relax and enjoy the company of your … Continue reading

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late pics from April

I’ve been really putting off my blogging times for awhile now and I’ve decided tonight that I should start writing again. Well, am just going to put up some pics about what happened in my life during the month of … Continue reading

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wisdom tooth

I’ve heard and read about other people’s experiences about getting their wisdom tooth pulled and all I learned was simply, it hurts! Growing up, I’ve never recalled myself going to a dentist and getting any of my teeth pulled out. … Continue reading

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February is always a busy month for me. Aside from the obvious, the Valentine’s Day, we have a bunch more celebrations on Feb. First, Popoy’s birthday on the 4th, my birthday is on the 25th, our wedding anniversary on the … Continue reading

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Slideshow of Popoy

I’ve created a slideshow for Popoy before his birthday.  These are pictures we took when we got him last April  up to the present.    Hope you enjoy watching them! Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

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Happy Hearts Day

I was so busy during Valentine’s Day I never thought of putting a shout out to all the ladies out there, especially to the women of my life (my family and friends), and of course, most especially to my wife … Continue reading

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my Dad, Romulo C. Malacas

It’s been almost two months since my Dad lost his battle to lung cancer.  I couldn’t post a blog after his passing.  I really didn’t know what to write about, nor had the energy for it.  It’s tough to write … Continue reading

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i’m yours…

listening to this cool and mellow music of Jason Mraz… just want to share it with y’all… Because of this song, I am now in the hunt for an acoustic guitar. I know nothing about guitars so I am getting … Continue reading

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