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it’s been a few months since i’ve posted here. Lots of things happened with life, work, family etc.
I’ve finally cut my hair, thought i needed some change. I’ve gained a few pounds after the Big Looser Challenge that ended in July. I was 148 and after six months, I am now 155 which is not bad, averaging about a pound a month. lol
I haven’t used my treadmill for 2 months now, haven’t touched my weights for about a month and a half, no tennis whatsoever for about 3 months now and I’ve been eating rice and been drinking soda so yeah, gaining weight is bound to happen. haha I don’t have time for all that, and I need to focus more with family especially with Aiden.
Aiden is now going on 20 months and he’s actually pretty tall for his age (hopefully he gets taller than me and alou! =P )
We’ve signed him up for swimming since he loves water and myGym classes every Saturday so he got some activities to do.
I’ll update more about Aiden later…

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