yet another new goal

After the weight loss challenge, I’ve maintained my weight on the 148-152 range. I still run and exercise, still eat salad on lunchtime most of the time, and I still eat less, well, most of the time. lol
I drink soda one time a week, and I’ve eaten rice one time for four months, and yes, I felt guilty! But you know what, it’s ok, since I workout almost everyday. I alternate my days with running and using my bow flex. But even with this regular workout routine that I do, I still feel that I can lose more weight. Now that I’ve cut a portion of my tummy, I think I can still cut some more. I’d like to lose ten more pounds. I am 150, so I’d like to see my weight to be 140 lbs. I’d like to be on that weight by the end of August, and I think I can do it, but imo, this would be harder than before. I’m giving myself about 5 weeks to lose 10 lbs. I wanna be looking like this by the end of August!


I had a great workout yesterday. I used my treadmill and I had a total workout of:
45 minutes = 3.3 miles = 460 cals burnt

Well, wish me luck. I hope I can do it…again!

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