new record

So I worked out yesterday and today. Yesterday, I beat my 1 mile record! My old record was 9 mins and 45 secs, yesterday i did it in 9 mins and 22 secs, burning 149 cals. My total workout was:
2.3 miles = 25 minutes = 330 cals

I don’t need to lose weight anymore but I have gotten low as 147, then 4th of July came and I have gotten back to 153. lol So easy to gain weight I tell ya!
However, I did my workout today and I even did better on my 1 mile run. I beat my record yesterday, and did 8 mins and 36 secs, with a total workout of:
2.6 miles = 25 mins = 381 cals
And today I weighed in as 150. I will try to keep my weight on the 150 range, hopefully no more than 155 and no less than 145.

I’m glad that I’m still keeping up with my exercise. I promised myself that I would do this on a regular basis. I have tried using my exercise machine a couple of times now and since I’m just starting, I’m taking it easy on the weights. Hopefully I’d keep that up too. =)

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