yesterday’s workout

I did treadmill yesterday with 6.0 as a speed and did my 1-mile run. It was for 10 mins and 10 secs burning 160 cals. I didn’t quite beat my record but I used a slightly different speed on that one. Anyway, I had my total workout running 3.5 miles, 50 mins, burning 540 cals. I weighed myself today and it’s 148! We decided to make the weigh in today instead of July 3rd because that’s a Sunday and everybody won’t be present that day. I didn’t want to prolong it again after July 4th because, I really want to eat on that day! lol

Unfortunately, the lady who holds the weighing scale today was not at work. All of them actually lost already except for Jason. Jason told me that I already won, coz he only lost like 8lbs., but that was last week. I know he was was working out pretty hard this week but I told him even if he lost 25 lbs, he’d still lose. I weighed in as 171.6, and now I am 148, according to the percentage weight loss calculator, I’ve lost 13.75% of my weight. Jason weighed in as 204lbs, so he needs to be 175lbs, a loss of 29lbs, to beat me. So there you go…But tonight we’ll have poker, he’s coming over and he’s just wondering how much weight he lost. So I guess I can say that I am officially the Biggest Loser!

So I’ve reached my goal of 148lbs. Now what? lol
I still feel a lil chubby on my tummy… I’ve been running for the past 3 weeks I have been abandoning my abs exercises…It is now time to focus on my abs.. I will also be lifting weights more, build more muscles…maybe I will alternate my workout…one day run, one day weights, one day abs…hmmm, sounds like a plan!

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