The Biggest Loser Update

Well, good news and bad news. The good news is, I am 1 or 2 lbs shy of my goal, which is 155lbs. I’ve been weighing myself this week and 156 and 157 are the two numbers that show up on the scale. Still proud that I still am soda-less and rice-less for about 3 months now. The bad news, the other guys on the competition decided to extend the contest for another month. Since none of them weren’t really doing anything, they are like, “let’s add another month”. I was really furious when one of them told me about the extension and I’d feel like I’d be a party pooper if I complained. So I just look at it this way, I’ve lost at least 12-13lbs and they’re all just starting. One month is not going to do anything really so I just let it be. Although they have more weight to lose since I’m the lightest of the bunch, there should be no way that they’d lose 10lbs in a month because it’s hard. It’s possible but they’d really be not doing anything else but exercise 5 days a week. Shoot I exercise every other day and I’ve only lost that much and that’s with eating healthy. Having said that, my new goal is now 150. Hope I can do it…

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  1. Jim says:

    That’s a bunch of crap. If you won, you won. Just because the other guys DIDN’T win doesn’t mean they should extend it another month.

    They should man up and acknowledge you are the loser. Winner. Whatever.

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