Aiden’s Progress

Aiden’s been a good boy. He doesn’t fuss a lot and he’s been a joy to us. And every 26th of the month, we celebrate his monthly bday… lol
It’s been fun watching him finally hold his own head up, rolling over, crawling, using toys and things to stand up, then standing up on his own, and feeding himself with the baby puffs. He hasn’t taken his first steps yet but I have a feeling it’ll be pretty soon. He’s almost 11 months, 10 months and 2 weeks to be exact and we can’t wait for him to be walking. He’s very fond of Popoy and they always play and bully each other. If we let Aiden crawl on the floor, Popoy licks him all over. But when Aiden is on the walker, he traps Popoy and corners him in the kitchen. Lol
Here are some of Aiden’s pics:
From 2 months to 9 months

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