message from my wife

Buntis daw ako? Ilang months na kaya? At bakit hindi ko alam ‘to?

The answer to the question kung buntis ako is NO, I’m not Yet pregnant. Thank you to my trustworthy friends who want to confirm first before believing the gossip that we married earlier than planned because I was pregnant. I may not have told everyone I know the reason why we moved the wedding date, was to have my father-in-law (who is battling lung cancer right now) attend the wedding the best time he can. It’s a pity that someone just don’t have that level of understanding. It’s so sad yet it’s true that insecurities can make someone judgmental, narrow minded and a liar. How low can you go, just to pry on other people’s lives like your life is so boring enough you wouldn’t dare care about it? Obviously, someone wants to take advantage of the whole scenario, mislead people, just as always, but always ending up as a loser, too busy worrying about other people, feeling alone, got nothing better to do and simply living under false pretenses.

So to all my friends and to those concern, when I do get pregnant, believe it when you hear it from me and not some potty-mouth (her nickname). I do not use any spokesperson, though some have put themselves in that position.


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